Return & Exchange Policy

If there is any problem with the goods received, the return and exchange can be identified within 7 days.

If there are special circumstances, please email the customer service mailbox:


JARVISH consumers who shop online can enjoy the right to hesitate for 7 days from the day when the goods are received. However, the hesitation period is not a trial period, please note that the returned product must be returned to its original state and kept in its complete packaging (including the product body, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging, and all accompanying documents or information), do not miss any accessories or damage the original box.

If you are buying electronic equipment or personal hygiene products (ie. lining) that cannot be returned to the original state after unpacking, please do not unpack until you are not sure whether to process the return.

The returned product must be in a new state and completely packaged, and there must be no scratches and damages. The product’s barcode, certification label, or warranty label must not be damaged, removed, altered, re-attached, or registered by external force or impact. The product itself and its accessories must not be damaged or lost when returned or replaced. Otherwise, it will affect the exercise of your return rights or you need to bear the cost of damage.

If the returned products have self-stickers, films, coatings, etc., please handle it yourself, JARVISH is not responsible for processing and compensation, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please repack the original box to the original state in which it was sent (recommended to keep the outer box for 7 days), please repack the outer box of the product, and do not directly make any writing or remove of the original box. If necessary, please pack it in a carton and send it back. If the original packaging of the goods is damaged, a renewal fee will be charged as appropriate.

【Description of refund process】
  1. Apply for a refund.
  2. Return the returned goods in complete packaging.
  3. Once we received the returned merchandise, please allow for 5 business days for assessment and examination (excluding holidays).
  4. After the goods are checked, JARVISH will submit a refund/cancellation request to the bank. The refund will take about 10 to 12 working days (excluding holidays) to complete the refund process.
  5. If there are any problems in the acceptance of returned goods, the refund operation will be suspended, and customer service will contact you.

The website (JARVISH) reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the terms of agreement at any time. Any alterations will be published on this site, and no separate individual notifications will be provided for the modified content and terms of agreement.

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