Warranty Repair Service Regulations and Procedures

1. Purpose: To establish repair standards and operating procedures to provide customers with the best service quality and the shortest repair times.

2. Warranty

2.1 Warranty Period: JARVISH is committed to providing customers with comprehensive after-sales service and protection. Customers are entitled to a 2-year warranty for the helmet body and a 1-year warranty for electronic components. This ensures comprehensive repair services and guarantees product excellence.

2.2 Repair Services within Warranty: If any defects are discovered immediately upon unboxing within seven days (DOA), please notify JARVISH promptly for resolution. When returning a defective new product, ensure that the product does not have scratches, damages, foreign objects, moisture, damaged barcodes, certification labels, or warranty labels, removed, altered, unidentifiable, or damaged by external force or impact, as these may affect your warranty rights or incur fees for intentional damage.

Furthermore, if the new product defect arises due to incorrect customer usage rather than inherent hardware issues, the customer may be required to pay related handling fees. For other situations, JARVISH will address product faults through repair. Customers should return faulty items to the JARVISH repair center, and upon completion of repairs, JARVISH will promptly return the product.

2.3 Exclusions from Warranty: The following conditions fall outside the scope of warranty:

  • Expiration of the warranty period. 
  • Alteration of product or parts, tearing off serial number labels.
  • Product malfunctions due to improper use, unauthorized disassembly or modification, unfavorable operating environments, inadequate maintenance, accidents, or other causes. JARVISH reserves the right to determine these situations. 
  • Product damage caused by lightning, floods, earthquakes, or other natural or accidental disasters. 
  • Use of products and accessories not sold by JARVISH. 
  • Requests for product upgrades or tests after the warranty period.

3. Repair Procedures

3.1 Sending Faulty Products for Repair: It is recommended that customers do not send accompanying accessories (manuals, cables, etc.) when sending items for repair. If these accessories are related to the described problem and must be returned with the faulty product, clearly indicate in the RMA form which attachments are included; otherwise, JARVISH will not be responsible for any unlisted items. Additionally, ensure a clear and detailed description of the issue. Proper packaging is essential when returning faulty products. JARVISH reserves the right to return unrepaired items due to inadequate packaging. It is advised to use courier services to send faulty items. For DOA new product defects and RMA, customers are responsible for related shipping fees.

3.2 Repair Charges: Handling fees will apply to repairs outside the warranty. If the same issue recurs within three months after repair, JARVISH will provide a quote before repairing non-warranty faults. If the customer does not agree, JARVISH reserves the right to decide whether to provide repair services. If no response is received within one month, JARVISH will not notify the customer separately but will directly return or dispose of the faulty product.

3.3 Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for Repairs: TAT is defined as the period from JARVISH receiving the faulty product to shipping out the repaired product. The time required for repair and return of JARVISH products is as follows:

  • Level 1: Receipt date + 3-5 working days + shipping day
  • Level 2: Receipt date + 7-10 working days + shipping day
  • Level 3: Receipt date + depends on the actual situation + shipping day

The time for repair and return may be delayed due to the following factors:

  • Customer's failure to sign the quotation within the time limit.
  • Outstanding payments from customers.
  • Unclear problem descriptions provided by customers.
  • Customer modifications to JARVISH products.
  • Customer delays or failure to provide necessary information, such as application environments or methods, etc.

3.4 Repair Services for Discontinued Products: For products discontinued within the warranty period, charges may apply for repairs or extending the warranty period to resolve related issues.

3.5 Storage of Repair Faulty Products: JARVISH will be responsible for storing returned items for a month while waiting for the customer's signed P/I or payment. During this period, appropriate communication will be made with the customer to prompt a response. If there is no response or action from the customer after one month, JARVISH will close the case.

3.6 Transportation of Repair Faulty Products: JARVISH typically uses contracted courier companies to return repaired products to customers. If customers have specific requirements, JARVISH will assess their needs, and customers will bear any additional costs. Customers should inform JARVISH in advance if any special arrangements are needed when returning faulty items. JARVISH is not responsible for any damage or loss to the outer packaging during transport. For on-island regions during the warranty period, JARVISH and the sender will each bear the shipping costs for one round trip; for off-island regions, the sender will bear the shipping costs for both warranty and non-warranty cases.

This website (JARVISH) reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the terms of agreement at any time. Any alterations will be published on this site, and no separate individual notifications will be provided for the modified content and terms of agreement.



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