X-AR Smart Helmet

Packed with safety-enhancing features, JARVISH leads the way with this augmented reality-enabled smart helmet to maintain maximum awareness and focus on the road for riders. It's the all-in-one smart riding solution you've been searching for.


New Generation Smart Helmets
Built for motorcyclists & sports

100% Hands-free

Voice-based SDK with skills like speech recognition or instant translation in loud environment

100% Safety

Global safety homologations and electronics certifications

100% Integrated

Complete system integration with existing helmets or head-worn devices

100% Visual + Audio

Integrated visual HUD & audio system


100% Integration

Advanced Augmented Reality

360-degree Front & Rear Cameras

Voice-Activated Retractable Head-Up Display

Specially-Designed Noise Cancellation Technology


JARVISH X-AR also feature an individual audio processor for active noise cancellation and high-resolution sound regeneration quality.

Our proprietary noise cancellation technology reduces wind noise and enhances the human voice to get clear call quality even up to 100 kph / 60 mph.


Never miss a turn with integrated navigation set via the smartphones. Users input a destination address by voice to receive in-helmet audio directions and, with the JARVISH X-AR, also on the head-up display.

The Functions of the HUD

We combine and integrate key riding information (speed, weather, direction, timing..etc) onto a single display (head-up display, HUD) and users can connect to their smartphone to depict whatever they need. JARVISH X-AR’s HUD is a transparent display that presents crucial riding information without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.

The HUD will always be placed in front of the rider’s eye and will display systematic information, whether retractable or not, the HUD is fully functional and always ready for your use.

  • Retractable HUD design
  • HUD with increased field-of-View (FOV) and transparency
  • Tempered HUD design with ruggedized material

What Will be Display on the HUD

When the HUD is up, it shows:

  • Time
  • Battery level
  • Recording status


When the HUD is down, it shows:

  • Dual images projection from the front & rear camera
  • Navigation projected by smartphones


Professional and Proprietary AR Design

Our specially treated, proprietary optical lens and combiner can increase the brightness entering pupils and improve color vibrancy, making it a good fit for outdoor usage. Through this micro display, images will be processed and projected images to the human eye.

JARVISH Military Battery Pack

  • High security: in high-intensity impact, blow and penetration, the battery can ensure your safety, and will not cause personal injury or death.
  • High reliability: the battery is effective and reliable in use.
  • High environmental adaptability: we ensure that in different climatic conditions such as rainy days or soaked with water, the battery can be used normally.



Both the top of the range X-AR and standard X model come with 2K built-in front camera as standard. The X-AR model also houses a 2K rear-facing camera which can be activated on demand by voice, so the rider has 360° visibility while on the road.

Journeys can be recorded in FHD video via the built-in front 2K camera and stored on an up to 256GB removable memory card in the helmet. The video can also be broadcasted in real-time to a rider's social media account by voice command.



The JARVISH X-AR connects with voice services such as Apple’s Siri or OK Google. The X-AR is voice-activation only (no tap-to-talk), allowing riders to control the HUD, and cameras, make a call, adjust the volume, play music and more, while keeping their focus on the road, allowing riders to put their hands on the brake and pedal.


  • Record and share your journey
  • Preset the tail light on or off
  • Select whether to show the video timestamp
  • Select the video resolution & FPS
  • Select the recording time
  • Select the battery efficiency
  • Select a unit of distance
  • Synchronize the system time
  • Video preview & download
  • Weather condition

Future Feature: 360 Degree Live Recording

JARVISH offers the unique feature of 360-degree surrounding video, you will not miss any angle of your fantastic life journey on the road and every direction is recorded live and stored on our JARVISH Premium App for your viewing.
This feature will be integrated into the future generation of the JARVISH X-AR and JARVISH Premium App.


The JARVISH X-AR model is fully certified, including:

  • ECE R22.05 (Europe, Australia)
  • DOT (US and Canada)
  • CNS 2396, CNS 13438, CNS 13439 (Asia)
  • FCC (electronic radiation safety certifications)

Our proprietary military battery pack is qualified for:

  • MIL-STD-810H Compliance Test
  • IEC62133 and UL1642 for penetration
  • UN/DOT 38.3 for drop test
  • IPX7 for the waterproof test


Smart Taillight

JARVISH X-AR smart taillight can be controlled fully by voice command and serves as a safety sign and a fashion trend for your smart helmet. Whenever X-AR hits the road, it will be the center of attention and capture everyone’s imagination and curiosity.

X-AR Visor with Moth Eye Protective Mask

JARVISH partners with SHARP by attaching its second-generation SHARP full-face nano moth-eye technology protective mask to ensure the maximum hygienic protection against pollution and coronavirus.

Features of SHARP Moth Eye Protective Mask:

  • Manufactured under high-standard quality control in Japan.
  • Safe, stylish and ultra-light weight, only about 25g
  • Effectively suppress the new coronavirus by 99.675% in 10 minutes.
  • 1,000 times reusable alcohol wipe to prevent infection.
  • Anti-fog, low reflection, high light transmission.

Tech Specs




Miniature terminal processor with intelligent management system and complex computing function. Able to handle:

•AI intelligent voice
•1080P 2K dual cameras

Optical function (HuD)

FOV: 20 degree
Eye relief: 65mm
Brightness: up to 1000nits
Transparency: 65%
Material: tempered composite multi-film lens, controlled by AI voice system, full navigation in downright position and information display in upright position. 


Front & rear dual camera with 1080P and 2K quality
360 dEgree viewing
Support up to 512GB
Non-stop recording up to 6 hrs
Customized night recording function

Helmet shell material

Carbon fiber

Communication system

Integrated Bluetooth (5.1)
Built-in Wi-Fi, support high-speed image transmission
One-to-two intercom
Up to 36 hrs using time with only Bluetooth function


Activee noise cancellation


100% built-in military back, support up to 5.8 hrs


Free to support Google map
Journey tracking and saving to Cloud platform

Smart voice command

accuracy rate rate is about 90% under high-speed riding (100km)

Helmet liner

Emergency quick release design

Safety regulation certification

UN38.3 IEC 62133 CNS 62133-2 UL 2054 UL 1642


1.78kg ± 50g


Remote personal fitting system
S-> 3XL


Sharp’s special anti-fog, anti-Covid, and  anti-glare visor


Support future software update


Smart taillight, ,smart directional and brake taillight will be featured in the future

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